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  2. Ryan Eles - Bike Check

    Ryan Eles - Bike Check

    Known for his tech yet burly mix of street riding, Eles recently built up a new whip and it looks/rides amazing.



    “In July the Eclat team came to Montreal to essentially shut the city down. With the likes of Devon Smillie, Sean Burns, Bruno Hoffmann, Dillon Lloyd, Carl Arnett, Ryan Eles, Shane Weston, Dan Coller, & Alex Kennedy.

  4. Dean Hartley Bienvenue chez Radio

    Dean Hartley Bienvenue chez Radio

    “We couldn't be more stoked to announce that Dean Hartley is now a part of the Radio bikes team. Dean has been flying under the radar for some time now but there's big things to come for this dude, look forward to his welcome edit soon!

  5. Bienvenue chez WTP JJ!

    Bienvenue chez WTP JJ!

    Thankfully the stars have just aligned and given us a fresh dose of footage from the Canadian style appreciator, Jared Chilko, in our latest DIG

  6. Merritt in Da 6ix

    Merritt in Da 6ix

    Merritt team riders Brandon Begin, Charlie Crumlish, Justin Care hit the streets of Toronto with their Canadian buddies Greg Henry, Eli Taylor, Joel Fortin and ChijIoke Okafo.