1. BSD


    It all began back in the summer of 1991 when a group of BMX friends started making videos of the trips they went on and the jams they took part in. From the first video Stress Kings to Steel Rods and Sleezy Rider the BSD name was born. At our core BSD’s ethos was and still is about hanging out with friends, travelling the world, riding bikes and having a laugh. It is also about making the best quality BMX products out there, while still having a lot of fun in the process...

    In 1998 our first BSD product came out, it was a custom 44t, 10mm thick beast of a sprocket. Grant Smith, owner of BSD trained as a mechanical design engineer and decided to start applying what he knew to BMX parts. Jump forward to 2005 and more BSD products were added to our line. Quality and innovation has always been key to what we do. In 2005 we came out with the Jersey Barrier hubguard, the very first push on plastic hubguard to be developed, now an industry standard used by many BMX companies out there.

    Today, we are stoked to offer the full range of premium BMX parts to build your custom bike. To sum up what BSD is now, we are an award-winning, rider owned BMX brand, designed by riders for riders. We pride ourselves on making design led, innovative BMX frames and parts built for abuse. We are also very proud of our amazing team of riders who represent what BSD is all about.



    Rochester, NY

    A quality BMX parts brand based in Rochester, NY. Cinema BMX is Chad Kerley, Garrett Reynolds, Nathan Williams, Dakota Roche, and Corey Martinez.

  3. Federal


    In 1999, the dignitaries of Seventies Distribution in Hastings, UK, figured that a whole new UK bike company would be a mighty fine idea. They were already distributing the finest American BMX brands and running the world's best BMX events (namely, the Backyard Jams) and hence launching their own, UK-based BMX brand made total sense. Federal was born and immediately became a force in BMX. With the likes of Bruno Hoffman, Dan Lacey and Stevie Churchill, that force continues strong today.

  4. Fiend


    "Every product released under the Fiend name is designed using direct input from our team riders." With a team like Garrett Reynolds, Ty Morrow, Colin Varanyak and JJ Palmere, you know Fiend products are ridden hard and made to last. 



    Rochester, NY

    Kink as a brand has a long history in BMX, having made it’s first BMX part 24 years ago. With the recent addition of NORA cup voted best street rider of the year Nathan Williams to the Kink team ( , the hype around the brand has grown.

  6. Merritt


    Since starting in 2012, Merritt has focused on making high quality components with a well thought out and unique approach.  Having and working with their team, which is one of the best and most well rounded in the industry, has helped them develop products that truly fulfill the demands of BMX as it is today.  As this new brand grows, they continue to innovate and bring new ideas to light.

  7. Mission




    Mission BMX is a parts brand focused solely with the rider in mind. Without added overhead costs like extensive marketing, we are able to offer great products at an amazing price. We work with the best manufactures in the industry, and truly stand behind all of our products.

  8. Tall Order

    Tall Order

    Founded in 2016, tall order frames and parts will be designed and engineered specifically to be ridden at the highest level on transitions of all types and sizes

    Born and raised in a run down fishing town in the South of England my friends and I spent most of youth playing football and trying our best to get chased by anybody older than us. Until one Sunday we came across 2 adults on BMX bikes seemingly with the same attitudes as us, capitalising on the quiet industrial estate by seeing it as their playground, these guys were grinding handrails jumping stairs and having fun . Our lives changed within an instant and we spent every waking minute riding ramps building trails and travelling to skateparks.

    I’ve been very lucky to of had a long career as a pro bmx rider and so like most choices when the time is right the right decision is easy to make, so starting my own range of BMX frames felt like a natural transition for me.

    We have seen BMX evolve naturally into street riding being the predominant style of freestyle BMX but for me although I enjoy riding street and using my pegs I have always had a bigger passion for riding transitions whether indoors outdoors ,wood, dirt, cement or brick the feeling of trying to go faster, higher and land smoother has always been my thing, you like what you like I guess.

    For this reason ‘tall order’ frames and parts will be designed and engineered specifically to be ridden at the highest level on transitions of all types and sizes. – Sebastian Keep