Get the breakdown on Ryan Eles's new Federal Bruno V3

Frame: Federal Bruno 21”
Fork: Federal Assault 22mm
Bars: Federal Bruno 9.25”
Stem: Federal Sessions Top Load
Grips: Federal Rewind
Headset: Federal Integrated
Sprocket: Federal Command Guard 28t
Chain: Federal Half Link
Pedals: Federal Command
Cranks: Federal Vice V2 160mm
Seat: Federal Mid Logo Pivotal
Post: Federal Pivotal
Front Wheel: Federal Stance XL/Stance Pro
Rear Wheel: Federal Stance XL/Motion Freecoaster
Tires: Federal Neptune
Pegs: Federal Cromo 4.5” Plastics

Which part are you the most particular about?

Bar angle for sure. If it moves even a millimetre I feel so messed up. I spend so much time adjusting the angle until it’s perfect

What part on your bike has changed the least since you started riding?

This ones tough. I’ve switched things up quite a bit over the years. But one thing I’ve always done over the years is painting one side of my front pedal so I know which side to grind on so I always have a bit of grip.

Favorite part of the new bike?

Gotta be the new Neptune tire. These things are hella grippy and since I put tires on rails quiet a bit. I am loving the tacky feel of these tires.

Why did you choose the Bruno V3 frame for this latest build?

I was riding a super short back end for a while now and was having a hard time getting used to how twitchy it was. Wanted something a little more stable riding bigger setups and since I’m a taller guy, it feels amazing!

You can follow Ryan @ryaneles on instagram. And huge thanks to @jeremy_menduni for supplying the photos.

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